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Jhoover Designs, specializes in providing a rich Internet experience through innovative web design and development solutions.

If you are looking at having a website that stands out from the host of other sites on the Internet, let J. Hoover Designs work with you to provide exactly that. With over 15 years of experience in web designing services ( both, in professional capacity as well as a leisure pursuit) I provide comprehensive solutions for your website design and development needs.

Based out of Alaska, I offer personalized client services and strive to encourage seamless interaction and client communication as the primary hallmark of my style of operations. I strongly believe communicating with customers on a regular bases to understand their needs and provide the best website design solutions at the most reasonable rates, without compromising on the high quality and standards that I have set for myself, thus enabling world-class services.

Web Graphics and Animation Creation

Why should I have a professional web designer design my site?

Question MarkWe have all seen the ads on television or on the Internet about building your own website how easy it is, how affordable they are, yes there are hosting services that offer free website design software that makes it fairly easy to design a website, but what they don't tell you is that it will look just like a million other web sites out there. Cookie cutter website designs is what I call them, they have no personality, lacking in functionality and no unique features that will keep viewers coming back.

graphic Design services

EYE Looking to upgrade your website and need that custom website look or that professionally designed piece of graphic design work that is both, pleasing to the eye as well as informative? Let J. Hoover Designs work with you to create innovative Graphic & Web Solutions.

  • Web animation
  • Informative banner creation
  • Provide ways to max out your logo's potential
  • Corporate branding

My 15+ years experience in diverse areas such as website development, graphics offerings, and graphical presentation solutions helps you partner up with me and make use of my experience to enhance your existing ideas to be more efficient and productive.

Do feel free to reach out to me in case you need any sort of assistance in improving your website's look-and-feel or its functionality.

Alaska Web Design

While J. Hoover Designs' primary client base is in Alaska and a large portion of the work I do is for my fellow Alaskans, my constant endeavor is to also reach out to businesses across geographies. I offer the below cutting-edge solutions per your requirements.

  • Available for Web Design Freelance and contract work for business or personal websites.
  • Proven expertise in custom website design and Website Development Solutions
  • Hands-on experience in graphic & online Website Designing Solutions
  • Professional free consulting to help get more from your existing website.

Website Design and Development Strategy Solutions

Thinking about creating a space for your creative or Business ideas?

Or simply looking to gain the maximum out of your current website design?

Most of us know they want a website designed for the online audience but do not know where to begin. This is where J.Hoover Designs comes into the picture. I help you get relevant answers to some of the most business-critical queries on your website:

  • What is your website goal? How to make the most of your existing site's potential?
  • How to go about web hosting, domain naming and associated cost?
  • Who is your target audience and what are their demographics?
  • Search Engine Optimization building sites that are search engine ready.